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Help Streaming

The film can be viewed directly in your Internet browser. We support HTML5 and Flash as player. In both cases, you can view the film in full screen mode.

  • Macintosh
    • Safari (HTML5 oder Flash or Flowplayer)
  • Firefox, Chrome, Opera (Flash)
  • Windows
    • Explorer Desktop, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera (Flash)
    • Windows 8: Use Chrome or Firefix (Flash)
  • Linux
    • Firefox, Chromium (Flash)
  • iPad
    • Safari, Chrome (HTML5)
  • Smart TV
    • Firefox (HTML5)

You can choose between the HTML5 and Flash player. Which one to use is a matter of taste. If the film does not play, change the player.

The data rate of the film is betwn 600 kbit/s and 4 Mbit/s, depending on complexity and resolution. The browser buffers several seconds, but you need a permanent Internet connection. Note that other family members might use the Internet at the same time: the son playing minecraft, the daughter skype and the oncle viewing online TV.

You can choose the resolution between 720p and 540p. Normally, you want the better resolution, but if you do not have enough bandwitdh, lower the resolution.

If you make a longer pause, you might need to reload the entire page. The streaming is copy protected and the authorization of the server might be out of date. The same can be happen if you loose bandwidth. If you cannot play after one minute of interruption, you probably lost the link and mus reload.

If you go into pause in HTML5, the film will step back 2 frames every 20 seconds to keep the connection.

It does not work