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Britta Rindelaub CH 2010 62'

At the age of fourteen I find at the bottom of a closet photographs of a man who resembles my father, on the back of one of them it reads: Ludwig, Brazil, 1960. Another picture of the same man, this time younger, has him at the head of a German Army batallion. Ludwig was my grandfather who disappeared at the end of the second world war. In my family we don't talk about Ludwig.

20 years later, in search of memories buried in a past reduced to silence by a family secret and the weight of history, I bring my father and my uncle to their birthbplace, a village that is today situated in the Russian enclave Kaliningrad. In this way I undertake my search where the director and the protagonist create a film together, and in which the material–between memory, secret and transmission– questions family relations and the foundations of identity.