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Wrong Number

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Wrong Number

CH 2007 73'

Regie: Lewis Häusler
Drehbuch: Lewis Häusler
Kamera: Alekos Yiannaros
Schnitt: Lawrence Tooley
Produktion: Tishrei Films
Mit: Mario Macaluso, Alexandra Finder, Manon Kahle

Lewis Häusler 2007 73'

Jay dials a wrong number. Maria, the girl he has called is curiously receptive and he invites her to meet him, only to retract his invitation at the last moment. Later, Jay calls her back to suggest that they get to know each other better over the telephone before eventually meeting. Maria accepts his proposal and thinks it will be an interesting experiment. They agree to talk openly about any personal subjects, although, who they are and what they do? is strictly forbiden. Their conversations are seemingly spontaneous and personal and soon Jay is eager to meet Maria.