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Wall Street

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Wall Street

CH 2004 50'

Regie: Andreas Hoessli
Drehbuch: Andreas Hoessli
Kamera: Kamal Musale
Ton: Andrej Bezymenski
Schnitt: Andreas Hoessli, Kamal Musale, Auri Calovi
Produktion: Isabella Huser

Espaces Film WALL STREET

Peter Hossli: Die Die Liebe der Börsianer


ISAN: 0000-0000-DA56-0000-K-0000-0000-E

Andreas Hoessli 2004 50'

Encounters of the unexpected kind on Wall Street. An astonishing insight into the biggest market place of the world. Welcome to the frenzied world of Wall Street, a place for those who are capable of taking decisions in the most uncertain situations.Follow them in Andreas Hoesslis film shot between January and September 2003 – before the beginning and after the end of a war.

With Arthur Cashin, Bill Clinton, Ted Gutierrez, Joe Grano, Richard Grasso, Jessica Jones, Jim Maquire Jr., Jim Maquire Sr., Bolivar Perez, Dawn Pisano, Alon Plitt, Robert Reimann, Bill Richards, John Slade, Dan Tandy, Melissa Thompson, Desmond Tutu.

A documentary double bill brings distinctively European sensibility to New York's world of high finance and fashion. WALL STREET provides in accessible look inside the New York Stock Exchange during the run-up to and early stages of the war in Iraq.
Village Voice

They are shouting, gesticulating, making weird gestures in a trading ring packed with computers and fluorescent screens, making more noise than in a school playground at recreation time… Yet it is they who rule the stock exchange, whose decisions affect the world economy. Welcome to the frenzied world of WALL STREET, where traders and brokers buy and sell, where millions of dollars change hands in a few seconds without the slightest invoice or signature. Here all the events of the world are reflected in record real time, yuppies climb the social ladder at breakneck pace, any error of judgement is punished and the slightest gain propels you up among the greatest names in the world. Andreas Hoessli walked around with his camera, at the heart of this financial folly, from the first steps towards war in Irak until the end of the conflict, to meet those people who, from 9.30 a.m. to 4 p.m., are on the alert, paying attention to the tiniest fluctuation, to the slightest inkling of a rumour. WALL STREET – compared by several of them to a battlefield – is a place for those who like risk, who can think quickly, are capable of taking decisions in the most uncertain situations. A different world in the view of the young people from the Bronx, to whom someone tries to explain how the stock exchange works. A world that has become even more volatile and unpredictable since the aerial attack on the World Trade Center, a dizzy world ruled only by the excitement of money, always on the verge of madness.
Visions du Réel Nyon