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Von Werra

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Von Werra

CH 2002 104'

Regie: Werner Swiss Schweizer
Drehbuch: Martin Witz
Kamera: Pio Corradi
Ton: Martin Witz
Schnitt: Kathrin Plüss
Musik: Michel Seigner
Produktion: Dschoint Ventschr Filmproduktion AG
Mit: Hardy Krüger

ISAN: 0000-0000-D48F-0000-Y-0000-0000-9

Werner Swiss Schweizer 2002 104'

Franz von Werra – fighter pilot for the German Luftwaffe during World War II, gentleman, favourite of the Nazi media, and the only German ever to escape British captivity. During the mid-50's, the spectacular escape to Canada and the USA was made into a film with Hardy Kruger in the leading role. Once again, von Werra became an important role model for young Germans: a courageous man who fends for himself to fight for his own wellbeing – but not on behalf of National Socialistic ideas. In 1941, von Werra lost his life in a mysterious crash. Numerous rumours regarding this incident, as well as his origins – for he was Swiss – developed. Using the feature film THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY as the starting point, film director Werner Schweizer, together with Hardy Krüger, follows the traces of this historical antetype.

With Hardy Krüger, Marthe Rey-von Werra, Thérèse Wildhaber-von Werra, Hans von Werra, James Leasor, Roy Baker, Viktor Matter