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CH 2012 80'

Regie: Jacqueline Veuve
Drehbuch: Jacqueline Veuve, Mélanie Pitteloud
Kamera: Peter Guyer, Steff Bossert, Olivier Distel
Ton: Marc von Stürler, David Lipka, Jérôme Cuendet
Schnitt: Jean Reusser
Produktion: P.S. Productions Sàrl, Xavier Grin


ISAN: 0000-0003-4A3B-0000-1-0000-0000-Y

Jacqueline Veuve 2012 80'

Every year, the choir of the Collège St-Michel in the canton of Fribourg attracts around fifty young people from the most diverse backgrounds. Following their concert rehearsals for a year, we discover a world on its own: a world in which singing means a physical experience, the opportunity to forge close friendships, and oneness with the music. Far from the culture of the masses and virtual social networks, these young people share a passion for choral singing, in a tradition that is evolving in spite of itself.