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Iwan Schumacher CH 1999 71'

TRÜMPI is an exotic ‘road-movie' that follows in the footsteps of Jew's harp virtuoso Anton Bruhin. Accompanied by the distinctive sound of this diminutive ancient instrument, this wordless voyage of discovery begins at the home of Anton Bruhin in Zurich's industrial zone, moves to Stoos in canton Schwyz, on to the steppes of Siberia and then to Japan's burstling metropolitan capital Tokyo.Virtuoso that he is Bruhin has musical tastes that range from traditional to the experimental as he tries out new sounds on his ‘trümpi', which is the word for a Jew's harp in the Swiss-German dialect. He embraces music in all its diversity from folk to avant-garde, building bridges between the very different traditions of town and country, East and West.

"As we watch Anton Bruhin’s tall, dreamy figure seeking out talented soloists, the editing interweaves landscapes and audiences, playing on music’s universal capacity to create a world without barriers. In addition to discovering new repertoires, one of Bruhin’s main motivations is to meet a man in Siberia who still uses traditional craft methods to make Jew’s harps. He observes and carefully mines the latter’s knowledge before flying off to Japan. Schumacher takes an ethnomusicologist’s stance in this film, drawing parallels between influences, mindful to record not only the music, but also its living context. trümpi is a wonderful journey and an opportunity to discover more fully the magic of the Jew’s harp."
Visions du Réel Nyon 1999