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CH 2003 90'

Réalisation: Luki Frieden
Scénario: Luki Frieden
Image: Frank Blau
Son: Kurt Eggmann
Montage: Christof Schertenleib
Musique: Peter von Siebenthal
Avec: Martin Rapold, Stefan Gubser, Max Rüdlinger, Muriel Rieben, Charlotte Heinimann

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Marianne Brunner, a 39-year old housewife, lives with her husband Paul and their daughter Yvonne in a middle-class suburb of Switzerland. Everyday routines govern their lives – until the day Marianne wins 2.9 million Swiss Francs in the lottery. Initially, the family try to keep their luck a secret from friends and neighbours, but as the temptation to spend the cash becomes too big, news of their luck spreads and throws the family into a vortex of envy and malice. The Brunners' quiet life is thrown off course, never to be the same again.

"First time writer-director Luki Frieden displays chilling assurance in charting a family's downfall in the wake of a windfall. Talent scouts should take note."