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Zurich Film Festival 2013
Prix du Public Solothurn 2014
Schweizer Filmpreis 2014 - Nomination bester Dokumentarfilm

CH 2013 92'

Réalisation: Anna Thommen
Scénario: Anna Thommen
Image: Gabriela Betschart
Son: David Rehorek, Jürg von Allmen
Montage: Andreas Arnheiter
Musique: Jaro Milko, Eric Gut
Production: Fama Film AG, Rolf Schmid



Anna Thommen CH 2013 92'

The new pupils of the integration class Basel have a long journey behind them. Young, and with hopes of a better future, they travelled to Switzerland and now place great hopes in their teacher: He is the one who should show them the way into a new country. They learn the language and culture of Switzerland in just two years. Mr. Zingg, the teacher, has only one goal in sight: to help the young people who have been traumatised by so many hard strokes of fate to find a job in the new society. But a difficult and rocky road awaits them.