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(Après le boum)

CH 2009 71'

Réalisation: Remo Legnazzi
Scénario: Remo Legnazzi
Image: Peter Guyer
Son: Balthasar Jucker, Remo Legnazzi
Montage: Remo Legnazzi
Musique: Evelyn Gugler, Beat Schmidhauser
Production: Recycled TV


ISAN:ISAN 0000-0002-0963-0000-H

Remo Legnazzi CH 2009 71'

The film portrays four people who used to take part in the medically controlled heroin distribution (KODA) in Berne. The KODA was launched in 1995 as a reaction to the increasingly miserable conditions in the open drug scene. The film ranges from the protagonists' life on the street at that time and their admission to the KODA to their everyday life today. Today Michel lives a life without drugs, he is an artists working stone, he runs a gallery and a bar, and he wants to be responsible for his little son. Evelyn is well integrated and she manages the kitchen and the purchasing for a cooperatively owned restaurant. After eleven years she still gets her daily dose of heroin from the program. She suffers from her loneliness. Markus is a diving instructor, he has been HIV positive for eleven years, and he tries to manage the balancing act between the disease and his passion for diving. He talks about the long lasting love withdrawal due to his state of health. Susanne has finally given up her greatest wish to build up a family of her own. After eleven years she still misses her boyfriend who passed away. Today she is an alcoholic and addicted to methadone. The past as a junkie left its clear mark in each of their lives.