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Meier 19

Semaine de la Critique Locarno 2001

Meier 19

CH 2001 94'

Réalisation: Erich Schmid
Scénario: Erich Schmid
Image: Pio Corradi
Son: Dieter Meyer, Jens-Peter Rövekamp
Montage: Karine Oettli, Erich Schmid
Musique: Toni Vescoli, YLT Rainer Flury

1963: The money for wages is stolen from Zurich's main police station. It could only be an inside job. Policeman Meier 19, thinks the head of the crime sqaud is the chief suspect. After Meier 19 discovers the latter has given a fake alibi, his life falls apart like a classical tragedy: he is imprisoned, his wife demands a divorce and his friends adandon him. The youth movement of 1968 support Meier 19 who becomes a symbol of the battle against the established order.