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Max & Co

15-year-old Max sets off for Saint-Hilare in search of his father, the famous troubadour Johnny Bigoude, who disappeared shortly before Max's birth. He is waylaid by Sam, a rascally fairground entertainer, and introduced to the delights of the amazing Fly Swatter Festival. When Max finally gets there, Saint-Hilare turns out to be the private kingdom of Bzzz & Co., infamous manufacturers of flyswatters, run by the degenerate Rodolfo. Musical virtuoso Max makes a big impression, especially on smart, lovely, resourceful Felicie, who convinces Rodolfo to hire him...

"The Guillaume brothers manage to strike a balance between makeshift creativity and sophistication to bring to life a magic and invented world, which fills you with wonder, just as fairground attractions used to do in bygone days".
Le Monde

"…with its latex characters full of life, its slimy CEO, its learned madman, and its brave and cunning hero, this ‘politically engaged' village chronicle is nonetheless highly entertaining, comical and colourful, and appeals to young apolitical audiences".

"Brothers Sam and Fred Guillaume spice up Max & Co with a light and salutary hint of cheekiness…. [They] don't lapse into easy conformism, avoid second-rate gags and even evoke the spectre of death".

24 Heures