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La vie facile

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La vie facile

CH 2011 22'

Regie: Julien Rouyet
Drehbuch: Julien Rouyet
Kamera: Patrick Tresch
Ton: Marc Thill, Philippe Ciompi
Kostüme: Valentine Savary
Schnitt: Mathilde de Romefort
Musik: David Tabachnik
Produktion: Box Productions
Mit: Milio McMullen, Michel Voïta, Delphine Théodore, Baptiste Gilléron, Ludovic Payet

Box Productions


ISAN: 0000-0002-FD89-0000-7-0000-0000-G

Julien Rouyet 2011 22'

Catherine, 26, lives a life of leisure in her father’s villa. One evening, her father returns accompanied by Laetitia, a young cosmetics saleswoman. Finally, Laetitia moves into the residence, bringing kindness and affection, and benefiting from this new and comfortable life. Catherine gradually loses the influence she had over her father. She then attempts to get rid of Laetitia in order to regain her privileges.