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Jacqueline Veuve 1992 90'

Fatally ill, Claire (Stéphane Audran) must undergo some exams. Her son Daniel (Thomas Chabrol) brings her to the hospital and leaves her at the entrance. But, with no warning, Claire suddenly decides not to endure any further treatment and books herself into a hotel by Lake Geneva instead. Claire whiles her time away wandering along the quays while her son tries desperately tries to find her. She meets an older man (Daniel Gélin) who helps her bear her last days of suffering.

Death is, of course, off camera, an intruder with really no right to enter. The actors are in unison: Stéphane Audran and Daniel Gélin delicately sketch a relationship where all is so obvious that no more need be said.
Hubert Prolongeau, Libération, Paris