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Prix du cinéma suisse - Meilleur court-métrage 2004


CH 2003 22'

Regie: Frédéric Mermoud
Kamera: Thomas Hardmeier
Ton: Bruno Reiland, Julien Sicart
Dekor: De Saint-Sauveur
Schnitt: Sarah Anderson
Produktion: FCA Films
Mit: Nina Meurisse, Clément van den Bergh, Stéphanie Sokolinski, Camille Japy


An adolescent girl discovers her first amorous emotions. Parts of her days take place in a stairwell. It is there that she says goodbye to her boyfriend before returning home; it is also there that she meets her girlfriend. It is there that the strong emotions of her young existence are played out. Filmed in a superb setting with faultless acting, the film slips into the life of a young girl, providing us with touches of sensitivity, strength and justice.