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Festival de Cannes 2013 - Quinzaine des réalisateurs
European Film Award 2013 - Nominated European Documentary
FIFF Namur 2013 - Prix spécial du Jury
Festival du nouveau Cinéma Montréal 2013 - Prix de la critique
Dok Leipzig 2013 - Talent-Taube
Prix de Soleure 2014
Prix du cinéma suisse 2014 - Nomination meilleur documentaire


CH/F 2013 90'

Regie: Kaveh Bakhtiari
Drehbuch: Kaveh Bakhtiari
Kamera: Kaveh Bakhtiari
Schnitt: Kaveh Bakhtiari, Sou Abadi
Produktion: Louise Productions Sàrl, Elisabeth Garbar, Heinz Dill

Kaveh Bakhtiari 2013 90'

Seeking their dream of a better life and freedom, people from all walks of life make the radical decision to leave everything behind and emigrate from Iran. They cross the exceedingly dangerous border into Turkey, risk their lives on board refugee boats heading for Greece, and finally arrive in Athens. Mohsen is the film director's cousin and one of the emigrants. The film begins with his arrival in Athens. After being conned by his smuggler, Mohsen finds shelter with Amir, who runs a “boarding house” for illegal immigrants. Amir's place has evolved into a sort of headquarters, as it were, where everyone is mapping out plans to continue their journey.