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Josh's Trees

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Festival international de films de Montréal - Grand prix du jury

Josh's Trees

CH 2005 80'

Regie: Peter Entell
Drehbuch: Peter Entell
Kamera: Marshall Leitner-Hanig, Josh Hanig, Leslie Leitner, Maxie Cohen, Rick Elion, Alan Abrams, Peter Entell
Ton: Peter Entell, Blaise Gabioud
Schnitt: Peter Entell
Produktion: Show and Tell Films

Internet: critique JOSH'S TREES


ISAN: 0000-0000-DAF0-0000-B-0000-0000-4

Peter Entell 2005 80'

When the best friend of the film director dies, his son is less than a year old. Five years later, the boy is just beginning to ask questions about his father. How can he construct an image of the Dad he doesn't remember?

"Sometimes people forget about how much they care for other people."

"Bracingly intimate yet inevitably insular, "Josh's Trees" is documaker Peter Entell's profile of TV and short filmmaker Josh Hanig, who left a wife and young son behind when he died of cancer. Made to educate late helmer's son Marshall on his father's life, pic is a unique assembly of found footage, interview segs and lyrical imagery that is a good fit for fests, has narrow niche appeal in theatrical and is a fine buy for tube and ancillary."

"Entell was determined to fulfill his old friend's dying request regardless of travel expenses. The result is a film produced to honor the memory of his late friend, and introduce young Marshall to the man who wanted nothing but the best for his child. Now, thanks to personal letters, candid videos, and vivid memories shared by Hanig's late wife, Entell opens up about his dearly departed friend while taking young Marshall on a trip to the various European locales that had cemented he and Hanig's friendship decades prior."
Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide