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Jeune homme

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JEUNE HOMME, Christoph Schaub's (STERNENBERG) new comedy. Eighteen-year-old Sebastian, played by the new discovery Matthias Schoch, decides to go to Geneva as an au pair for a year. Yet he doesn't only learn French beyond the «rösti trench». His adventure, strewn with mishaps, becomes an initiation to life and love...

Finally adult and free? You wish! His father sees him as a future boss of the family-owned printing firm and his mother only wants the best for him. Sebastian can't take it any more. On his eighteenth birthday he announces his departure to Geneva to work as an au pair in a family, looking after children and doing the household chores. To improve his French, of course! His father flips his lid, his mother is distraught. Only his sister Kathrin thinks her little brother is really cool...

Very few men would be up to the challenge!