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CH 1987 93'

Réalisation: Daniel Schmid
Scénario: Martin Suter, Daniel Schmid
Image: Renato Berta
Son: Luc Yersin
Costumes: Marianne Milano
Montage: Daniela Roderer
Avec: Michel Voïta, Christine Boisson, Vittorio Mezzogiorno



Daniel Schmid CH 1987 93'

Sprecher, a journalist living with his girl-friend, Nina, interviews an old anthropologist, Dr. Meister, who once supervised excavations of Jenatsch's grave. Sprecher pockets a tiny brass bell which he soon discovers has the power to take him back into time. Sprecher's life begins to get taken over by Jenatsch. His relationship with Nina falls apart. In trying to sort things out, he gets into a brawl with the drunken Jenatsch in a carnival-like atmosphere. Suddenly, we actually see Sprecher in the 17th century. This intruder from the future, who is Jenatsch's murderer.