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Poetic and visually arresting, mockumentary “iXieme” records the last 200 days of a prisoner's house arrest, before he disappears. Electronically tagged with a chip, prisoner and protagonist Eric Suger is confined to his four walls in an anonymous high rise. His only contact to the outside world consists of visits from his talkative parole officer, a couple of friends and, as Suger descends into increasing loneliness, from prostitutes. Shot on digi camera, longing and alienation are expertly conveyed through striking imagery and sound effects. The filmmakers make subtle and often humorous critiques of an atomized society where everything is available online apart from true companionship and love.

"Mockumentary recording the final 200 days of a man under house arrest, IXIEME - DIARY OF A PRISONER doesn't rep the most original concept for a film, but its execution is thoughtful, its imagery striking. Pic, which was a co-winner of the top prize in Locarno's video competition, is most suited for fests specializing in digi-cinema."

Artistic approach

From the beginning, the approach of iXième has been pluralistic.Apart from the idea to share with the public the subjective derivation of a modern prisoner in an invisible prison plus the questions raised about the limits of freedom, the film's ambition is to create a field of poetic vision consisting of images, sound, words, and music. By exploring his daily life and immediate environment, this commonplace prisoner chances upon a deeper sense and a reinvigoration of life.

iXième results out of a creative process in which the various sound, visual and textual elements were permanently put into resonance between each other, without any preconceived hierarchy and motivated by the only concern of responding to a global approach that strives for a composition subtly blended by music, images and dialogues.