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Immer & ewig

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ISAN: 0000-0000-CE24-0000-K-0000-0000-E

Wikidata Q66309371

Samir 1991 91'

"Mythology in the guise of politics. Claude, militant anarchist, and Dodo, the hairdresserwho reads Kafka as well as cheap romances, are shot dead by a policeman. In the kingdomof the dead, they fall in love and are given twelve hours' grace on earth in which to provethat their love is true.
However myth(ology)-free our times may appear to be, there's no denying that theancient stories have lost none of their force. What's more, there are still people around - peoplewith a love of storytelling – who know how to present these tales in such a way as to make themseem absolutely new while retaining all of their pure, timeless power. This gift for storytelling isevident in always & forever, a drama of love and Zurich politics – made with video cameras –that mingles two planes in virtuoso style: our own real world and the imagined “other” world. Itrelates the key elements of the Greek legend of Orpheus and Eurydice with such immediacy asto create an indissoluble blend of timeless, archetypal mythology, and the social politics and personalconcerns of the here and now.
With an obvious predilection for experimentation, Samir displays technical virtuosity incomposing multiple images using windows, split-screens, colour inversion and various superimposed-image techniques."
Adapted from a text by Torbjörn Bergflödt

"A modern adaptation of the Orpheusand Eurydice myth, set in the collectivehousing scene of the late1980s. Samir reworks his footageinto dada-like collages, uses animation,incorporates characters'thoughts via electronic effects andsuperimposes close-ups of everydayobjects in pop-art style. [...]Samir has broken new ground inthe Swiss film landscape."Pirmin Kennel, Tages Anzeiger Magazin