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CH 2014 81'

Regie: Anne Theurillat
Drehbuch: Anne Theurillat
Kamera: Patrick Tresch
Ton: Masaki Hatsui, Vincent Kappeler, Jürg Lempen, Patrick Tresch, Jérôme Cuendet
Kostüme: Anne Theurillat
Schnitt: Daniel Gibel
Produktion: P.S. Productions Sàrl, Xavier Grin



ISAN: 0000-0003-8DC1-0000-C-0000-0000-1

Anne Theurillat 2014 81'

While going through the family archives collected by her 95-year-old mother Léa, Anne decides to adapt for the screen the story of four generations haunted by a secret. One of her forebears, an ambitious domestic servant and single mother, married an aged member of the high society in Sion. She never revealed his father’s identity to her son, who was considered a “commoner” as an adolescent. The film recounts this astonishing saga of descendence with acerbic audacity.