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Fulvio Bernasconi, Christian Davi, Nadia Fares, Wageh George, Kamal Musale, Thomas Thümena, Stina Werenfels 1999 90'

Life in multicultural Switzerland: based on their own personal experiences and with a touch of irony, seven young filmmakers examine their view of Switzerland.

As the son of Italian immigrants, Fulvio Bernasconi doesnt know whether he is Swiss or Italian at heart. During a soccer match between the Swiss and Italian national teams, he hopes to find an answer.

In the old age home in Zurich where he grew up as the wardens son, Christian Davi tries to find out whether his grandparents generation still feels at home in Switzerland.

Nadia Fares grew up in the Berne region and didnt meet her fathers family in Cairo until she was 18. There, she discovered a new world.

Troubled by the civil war in Yugoslavia, Thomas Thümena wonders how wide the oft-cited «ditch» between French- and German-speaking Swiss really is. He asks young military recruits from both regions whether a civil war is also imaginable in Switzerland.

The father of Kamal Musale, who emigrated from India, gave him a recipe for «Indian raclette». How does this mixture of spicy flavours and melted cheese affect the Swiss palate?

Wageh George moved from Egypt to Switzerland to marry the woman he loves. In 582 days, he will be eligible for a Swiss passport. What do his friends have to say about this? And will he become a different person as a result?

Stina Werenfels tries to find out whether she feels like a Jew. If so, how will it affect her life in Switzerland?

When they are put together, the different episodes  like pieces of a puzzle  form an answer to the question of Swiss identity.