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Hard(ys) Life

Hard(ys) Life

CH 2009 66'

Regie: Rolf Lyssy
Drehbuch: Rolf Lyssy
Kamera: Rolf Lyssy
Ton: Rolf Lyssy, Jürg von Allmen
Schnitt: Rainer M. Trinkler
Musik: Hardy Hepp
Produktion: Doc Productions


ISAN: ISAN 0000-0001-F8C1-0000-C

Hardy Hepp, artist, musician, composer, arranger, singer-songwriter… a full-blown artist par excellence. With camera and microphone, Rolf Lyssy observed this distinctive, multitalented Swiss veteran in the search, creation, and design of his works and interviewed him to gain more insight into his career shaped by fiery emotions. The result is a cinematic journey by means of images, colours, notes, and sound forms taken from Hardy's creative work and his musical career – as the first Swiss pop singer – which began in the ‘60s.