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Gagma napiri

Gagma napiri (Am anderen Ufer)

Georgia 2010 90'

Regie: George Ovashvili
Drehbuch: Rustam Ibragimbekov, Nugzar Shataidze, George Ovashvili
Kamera: Shahriar Assadi
Ton: Vladimir Golovnitski
Dekor: Merab Joxadze
Schnitt: Sun-min Kim

Tedo (12) and his young mother Keto are refugees from Abkhazia. Because of illness, Tedo's father remained behind in Abkazia. Now, Tedo and Keto live in an abandoned hut in a suburb of Tbilisi. Tedo is an apprentice at a car repair shop, and Keto works as a sales clerk. Several years have gone by since their displacement, but Tedo still cannot adapt to their new environment. He blames himself for being able to contribute financially ti improve their situation and has serious difficulties accepting the life his mother leads. Discovering his mother with a lover is just too much for Tedo, and he decides to return home – to go back to his father. He hopes that this wil solve all his problems and bring back his dreams. On his journey, he experiences many adventures and comes across a variety of characters that make him understand a lot more about life. Eventually though, once home, he discovers that the grass is not greener there either.