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Frozen Angels

Frozen Angels

D 2005 92'

Regie: Franke Sandig, Eric Black
Kamera: Erik Black, Erik Black
Ton: Erik Mischijew, Matz Müller
Schnitt: Silke Botsch
Musik: Jörg Seibold, Marc Clifford, Max Sharam, Thomas Mävers, Zoe Keating



The film investigates the future as it exists today in Los Angeles. Following a cast of bigger-than-life, often funny, characters, the viewer encounters wealthy sperm bank presidents, expectant surrogate mothers, gene researchers, radio talk show hosts, NASA scientists, infertile suburban couples, just-born and now-adult designer babies, blonde, blue-eyed egg donors and feminist lawyers. The film warns of the coming dangers this brave new world poses to race relations, dividing society into genetic haves and have-nots.