Screendaily - Swiss film industry in funding call


Cinesuisse, the Swiss film industry’s ‘umbrella organisation’, has called on its national government to stump up $22m (CHF 20m) more film funding each year from 2016 as hopes for a swift deal for Switzerland’s membership of Creative Europe recede. These latest demands were formulated as part of Cinesuisse’s official response to the consultation on the Federal Office of Culture’s (BAK) Message Culture bill for 2016-19, which sees the global budget for arts funding increase by 14% from $863.3m (CHF 782.6m) for 2012-15 to $987m (CHF 894.6m) .
Inspired by Germany’s DFFF and Austria’s FISA incentive schemes, FiSS is expected to have a $6.6m (CHF 6m) annual budget to attract productions to shoot in Switzerland with a rebate of a maximum of 20% on the ‘Swiss spend’. What will be the first new film funding instrument to be introduced in Switzerland for some 15 years, FiSS is set to come into effect on July 1, 2016 - subject to the ‘Message Culture’ bill passing into law - and could support between five to 0 fiction films or documentaries per year
However, Cinesuisse argues that it would be ¨desirable¨ if the new incentive was on a par with those of neighbouring countries or had an even greater financial clout to attract more productions to shoot in Switzerland. ¨An effective location funding [such as FiSS] requires at least $11m (CHF 10m) each year to be able to produce 10-15 fiction films and documentaries,¨ the industry body suggests in its consultation document. ¨The Swiss film industry must produce internationally competitive films in order to attract attention to itself and maintain the desired impetus.¨