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ISAN: 0000-0004-B21A-0000-I-0000-0000-K

Schweizer Filmpreis 2019: Beste Kamera
Zürcher Filmpreis 2018
Bayrischer Filmpreis 2018


CH 2018 92'

Réalisation: Markus Imhoof
Scénario: Markus Imhoof
Image: Peter Indergand
Son: Dieter Meyer, Jürg Lempen, Hugo Poletti, Balthasar Jucker, Pascal Capitolin
Montage: Beatrice Babin, Thomas Bachmann
Musique:: Peter Scherer
Production: Thelma Film AG, Pierre-Alain Meier

Markus Imhoof 2018 92'

Drawing inspiration from his personal encounter with the Italian refugee child Giovanna during World War II, Markus Imhoof tells how refugees and migrants are treated today: on the Mediterranean Sea, in Italy and in Switzerland.