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ISAN: 0000-0000-31D8-0000-X-0000-0000-C

Wikidata Q88872970

Markus Imhoof 1974 100'

ESCAPE RISK shows the story of the 23-year old Bruno Kuhn who comes to prison because of a dumb crime that he stumbles into (more than he is deliberately committing it). He starts as one of the lowest in the social pecking order of the prisoners. He is a «little fish», not to be taken seriously. But slowly he learns to accept his role. He learns to stand up for himself, to show off and to hit back. The criminal bragging of his «comrades», and the always-there guards treating him – not without occasional jokes – as dangerous, get him so far as to become an impostor. He tries making himself more dangerous then he is by building up a «case Kuhn», until his swindling is discovered and everybody is laughing at him again. But now he knows the rules of the game too well: he blackmails his crooked cell neighbor Winarski, who has exploited him earlier and forces him to take him along on his escape.

Outside he cannot cope with freedom. His only choice left is to really be a criminal. He tries the «big coup» of which they had always talked in prison. But he blows up the safe of the tiny village station so well, that all the money is flying off in small shreds. Afterwards, everything goes its way, in a maximum of two days, Bruno will be arrested.

ESCAPE RISK was filmed to be a hyper-realistic film in seemingly unedited shots in documentary style. It is based on exact studies of the prison environment.