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Feltrinelli (DVD)

Dschoint Ventschr FELTRINELLI

docufactory FELTRINELLI


Solothurn 2007
Locarno 2006


I/CH 2006 89'

Regie: Alessandro Rossetto
Drehbuch: Alessandro Rossetto
Kamera: Gian Enrico Bianchi
Ton: Alberto Fasulo
Schnitt: Jacobo Quadri
Produktion: Carlo Cresto-Dina, Werner Swiss Schweizer, Dschoint Ventschr Filmproduktion AG

Alessandro Rossetto 2006 89'

The Film tells the story of a great Italian publishing house «La Feltrinelli», about books and the work and passion that goes into their making, development and circulation. It's a story that delves into the discovery of literature and into a world that has been changed by books.

The point of departure is Giangiacomo Feltrinelli - legendary, European publisher and revolutionary. A publisher with his “head in the clouds and feet fast on the ground”, who was born in 1926 from a Milanese upper middle class family and whose portrait we find forty years later in Andy Warhol's Factory. After his tragic death in 1972, his German wife Inge managed the publishing house. Today, Carlo, his son manages the company.

The point of arrival is today. Feltrinelli portrays a half a century of dreams and risks and is more a European adventure than a strictly Italian one. With Carlo Feltrinelli we visit old friends of his father, who tell us about their friendship, experiences and memories.

Feltrinelli is a journey into the publishing universe. We meet people from behind the scenes - literary agents, booksellers, bookstore managers, but have also great encounters with novelists such as Doris Lessing, Amos Oz, Giorgio Bocca and Maurizio Maggiani.