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Win Win

CH 2013 96'

Director: Claudio Tonetti
Script: Jacques Akchoti, Béatrice Guelpa, Claudio Tonetti
Camera: Carlo Varini
Sound: Philippe Combes, Gert Janssen, Mathieu Cox
Art Direction: Thomas Leporrier
Costumes: Sylvie Gabrielle Marton
Editing: Matyas Veress
Music: Frédéric Vercheval
Production: Prince Film
With: Jean-Luc Couchard, Xiaoxing Cheng, Anne Comte, Guy Lecluyse

ISAN: 0000-0003-6CE0-0000-1-0000-0000-Y

Claudio Tonetti CH 2013 96'

A Swiss mayor and a Chinese watchmaker living in the Jura decide to organize the semi-finals of Miss China in Switzerland.