Widerstand Brockenhaus - Vom Wegwerfen und Wiederverwerten

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ISAN: 0000-0004-24ED-0000-1-0000-0000-Y

Widerstand Brockenhaus - Vom Wegwerfen und Wiederverwerten
CH 2017 59'

Director: Christian Knorr
Script: Christian Knorr
Camera: Christian Knorr
Sound: Jakob Stoller
Editing:: Katharina Bhend
Production:: DokLab GmbH, Jonas Dunkel, Dodo Hunziker, Urs Schnell

Christian Knorr 2017 59'

Complete with camera on his shoulder, the director documents the efforts of three of the most colourful characters in Bern's second-hand scene, as they strive for self-determination and entrepreneurial freedom. The film demonstrates the remarkable resilience, innovativeness and dedication of these tireless traders in a counter-world which goes far beyond the smaller scope of second-hand dealing.