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Weltuntergang im Welttheater

Weltuntergang im Welttheater

CH 2000 55'

Director: Marianne Pletscher
Script: Marianne Pletscher
Camera: Werner Schneider
Sound: Hugo Poletti, Jürg Ziegler
Editing: Marianne Jäggi Naef
Production: Schweizer Fernsehen

Marianne Pletscher CH 2000 55'

The “Einsiedler Welttheater” was the theater event of the year for Switzerland in 2000. The author, Thomas Hürlimann, wrote an entirely new version of Calderón's “great world theater” and placed it in a local setting. The film is a complete documentation of how the play evolved, including Hürlimann's research during the Carnival in Einsiedeln 16 months prior to the premier, as well as the casting, rehearsals and its premier. It also encompasses the controversial discussions which took place in the monastery of Einsiedeln – the play was performed in front of its Baroque facade – and depicts the Catholic culture of the village, and the visual, spiritual and cultural influences which shape Hürlimann's revised version. In addition, it does justice to the spectacular blaze of colour and the sensuous production, directed by Volker Hesse, including the laborious work preceding the production. The film also accompanies the amateur cast during its eventful year. More than just a simple “making of”, a theater film, which is not intended only for theater fans.