Venus Boyz

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ISAN: 0000-0000-DAD4-0000-B-0000-0000-4

Sao Paolo 2003
Berlinale Panorama 2002
Karlovy Vary 2002
Moscow 2002
Outfest Los Angeles 2002
Singapore 2002
Semaine de la critique Locarno 2001 - Best Film

Venus Boyz
CH/US/DE 2001 102'

Director: Gabriel Baur
Script: Gabriel Baur
Camera: Sophie Maintigneux
Sound: Ingrid Städeli, Ruppert Ivy, Florian Eidenbenz
Editing:: Salome Pitschen, Jean Vites, Daniela Roderer
Music:: David Shiller, Margot Core
Production:: Gabriel Baur, Kurt Mäder, Onix Film, Clock Wise Productions, WDR Köln
With: Dréd Gerestant, Diane Torr, Del LaGrace Volcano, Bridge Markland, Storme Webber, Mo Fischer, Queen Bee Luscious, Philly Abe, Hans Scheirl, J. Jack Halberstam

Gabriel Baur 2001 102'

A cinematic journey through the universe of female masculinity. A legendary Drag King night in New York is the starting point of an odyssey through worlds beyond gender boundaries, in which women become men - some for one night, others for their whole lives: what moves them, what changes, what do they dream of. The Drag Kings in New York perform in clubs and lustfully transform into their male alter egos, parody them, explore male eroticism and power strategies. Women in London experiment with hormones and become new men and cyborgs. Masculinity and its transformation as performance, subversion or existential necessity. An intimate film about people creating inter-gender identities.

National and International Festivals:
World Premiere at Locarno Film Festival 2001, International Premiere Berlinale 2002.
5 A-Festivals, numerous film festivals worldwide with over 50 international film festivals.

National and International theatrical releases, sales:
World distribution Celluloid Dreams. Theatrical releases nationally/ in 8 European countries and in over 20 cities in the US (distributed by First Run Features). Television sales. Dvd - and online releases.

Awards: Best Film - Semaine de la critique Locarno, Nomination Swiss Film Award 2002 and others.

The European theatrical releases of "Venus Boyz" brought on the basis of this success and our input the Federal Office of Culture to reintroduce the previously abolished export promotion for European cinema releases!

"Venus Boyz" is still being shown worldwide in its field and has become a classic.

Press reviews

"A beautifully crafted exploration of the world of DRAG KINGS." Variety
"Mesmerizing!" Time Out New York

"Illuminating!" Los Angeles Times

"This fantastic documentary deals with more than just being a woman or a man. It's about being human." Jazz Radio

"Powerful and provocative" Planet Out

"A feast for the eyes" Outfest Los Angeles

"A milestone" Pink Apple