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Tutti giù

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Imago Film TUTTI GIU


ISAN: 0000-0003-3C4D-0000-L-0000-0000-B

Festival del Film Locarno 2012
Festival international de cinéma Ciné-Jeune de L’Aisne de Saint-Quentin 2014

Tutti giù (Im freien Fall)

CH 2012 94'

Director: Niccolò Castelli
Script: Niccolò Castelli
Camera: Pietro Zuercher
Sound: Sandro Hess, Riccardo Studer, Felix Bussmann
Art direction:: Paola Genni, Pablo Togni, Christian Rebecchi
Costumes:: Laura Pennisi
Editing:: Claudio Cea
Music:: Kovlo
Production:: Imago Film SA, Michela Pini, Villi Hermann
With: Lara Gut, Yanick Cohades, Nicola Perot, Elena Aglaja Amadò, Nicole Lechmann, Kevin Blaser, Yari Copt, Igor Fardin, Geri Hugo, Roberta Fossile, Lena Lessing, Daniel Rohr, Andrea Zogg

Niccolò Castelli 2012 94'

Jullo, Edo and Chiara: three adolescents like thousands of others. Three teenagers whose lives are sport. Jullo “is” his skateboard; Chiara conquers the world on skis; Edo plays hockey. One day Jullo, Chiara and Edo suddenly discover their own lives, each in their own way. Fears, dreams, surprises, loneliness, uncertainty, expectations, impermanence, imbalance. Then one moment, one second, one “click.” A click, after which they rediscover themselves, which leads to adulthood – or unsparingly carries them away.