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Sergey Dvortsevoy does not hesitate to give his film the name of a young woman who will remain unseen. She avoids the look of Asa, who is sincerely in love with her and has offered to share with her his dream of happiness in the heart of the immense Kazakh steppe. Tulpan is thus the tale of a sad absence and a quest into the initiation of raising sheep that transforms a young man, newly liberated from his military obligations (in the marines!), into a future head of a family.
TULPAN is, at the very least, a film that is rooted in the reality of this inhospitable steppe, where the shepherds lead a seminomadic life accustomed to the sandstorms, drought and illnesses that affect the flocks, but also the pleasures of family life. Sergey Dvortsevoy remains the long-term filmmaker who lays hold of the real in order to convert it into accounts inhabited by characters – including animals – with an astounding presence. The fiction corroborates nothing, and the style purifies the representation! It is the angle shots and the editing that show the extent of profundity in the recounted story. Admirable night in the yurt, a child going to sleep, maternal song and feminine tenderness; and the spectacle of ewes giving birth, unhastened by any untimely cutting. The art of Sergey Dvortsevoy lies in creating a universe that is balanced between the laws of the tale and an exploration of the same movements in life; the intimate rhythms of which he portrays in all their inexhaustible beauty.
Visions du Réel Nyon 2009