Témoin indésirable

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ISAN: 0000-0002-032F-0000-X-0000-0000-C

FIFDH Geneva 2009
Rotterdam IFF 2009
Leipzig Dok 2008
Toronto TIFF 2008
Locarno 2008
Visions du réel Nyon 2008

Témoin indésirable
CH/FR/CO 2008 87'

Director: Juan José Lozano
Script: Juan José Lozano
Camera: Sergio Mejia
Sound: Carlos Ibañez-Diaz
Editing:: Ana Acosta
Music:: Victor Hänni, Gabriel Scotti
Production:: Intermezzo Films, Earthling Productions, Dolce Vita Films, Isabelle Gattiker

Juan José Lozano 2008 87'

The exclusive stories about the war in Colombia that Hollman Morris covers weekly in his television show Contavia have earned him an international recognition and prestigious awards, but also death threats and intimidations of all kinds. In this increasingly hostile atmosphere, Hollman Morris and his family are considering leaving the country. Without compromise and beyond the classic portrait of a committed war journalist, the film tells the story of a complex person torn between his doubts, beliefs and fears, his commitment and his battle for freedom of press.