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Léopard d'argent Festival del film Locarno 1985

CH 1985 100'

Director: Marcel Gisler
Script: Marcel Gisler
Camera: Ruediger Weiss
Sound: Hans Martin
Editing:: Catherine Stegens
Production:: Marcel Gisler Filmproduktion
With: Dina Leipzig, Rudolf Nadler, Lutz Deisinger

Marcel Gisler 1985 100'

In wintry West Berlin, Max, Laurids and Lola live together in an apartment while the real tenant is away. Upon his return, the three have to move out. This gives
an uncertain atmosphere to their being together. Each tries to find his own way and to rob sense from everyday life. They are as the title suggests «day thieves».

Max loves Lola. She has come to Berlin from Paris and hopes to make a name for herself as a singer or actress, One evening, before going out alone, she tells Max that the only hope is to break with the times. So her hairstyle looks like the exaggerated crest of an exotic bird: a sign of her egocentric, challenging vitality. It comes to the point that all three constantly argue about anything, each taking up his own position and setting himself apart from the others. But what concerns them deep inside is never discussed. «One must answer unasked questions,» as Max later discovers and, in saying that, he captures the subtle mood of this film.

Swiss-born Marcel Gisler's debut feature TAGEDIEBE is right out of the Berlin Underground and is yet another example of how vital this movement is. The setting is in West Berlin (apparently Kreuzberg) in the winter of 84-85, inclusive of cafes and sidewalks and the come-and-go ease of-life on this Vegas-isle of a city. Major pulses are the these performances as they improvise lines and situations to keep the story moving along.

If you've ever laid on your bed, staring at the ceiling, wondering why you're here, in this mattress, in this room, on this planet, then you will understand and resonate with TAGEDIEBE, and you should see it.
Chris Kemmerer, Public News Houston Texas