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Swiss graffiti

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Swiss graffiti

CH 1975 6'

Director: Jacqueline Veuve, Monique Renault
Editing: Edwige Ochsenbein
Music: Talal Drouby

ISAN: 0000-0000-DA76-0000-Z-0000-0000-6

Jacqueline Veuve, Monique Renault CH 1975 6'

An animated cartoon about the Creation reviewed and corrected by two women. God the magician has decided to create a paradise: Switzerland. He covers it with trees, cows, until Adam is born. After exploring his paradise, Adam creates Eve from one of his ribs. Man is shown as an erect penis, woman by a limbless trunk.

SWISS GRAFFITI is the ideal pick-me-up for disheartened feminists. Jacqueline Veuve and Monique Renault animate the story of Adam and Eve with a few new twists that indicate feminine hands at work here witty, clever seven minutes. The Ladies never looked like this.
Melbourne Film Festival