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Dschoint Ventschr SUMMERTIME


ISAN: 0000-0000-CE36-0000-Z-0000-0000-6

Schweizer Filmpreis: Bester Kurzfilm 2001
Zürcher Filmpreis 2000

CH 2000 27'

Director: Anna Luif
Script: Anna Luif
Camera: Stéphane Kuthy
Sound: Balz Bachmann
Editing:: Mirjam Flury
Production:: Dschoint Ventschr
With: Marina Guerrini, Samuel Weiss, Susanne-Marie Wrage, Lucy Marthaler

Anna Luif 2000 27'

Thirteen-year-old Nadja is spending her summer vacation at home. She is bored to death until a new tenant moves in with whom she falls madly in love. But what she doesnt know yet: he is her mothers new boyfriend.

Nadja begins to spy on him, taking photographs of him and secretly forcing her way into his apartment. Eventually she cant take it anymore and feels compelled to confess her love to Michael. But then she discovers that he is seeing a woman. She is horrified to discover that this secret girlfriend of his is her own mother.

Nadjas whole world collapses around her. Spilling over with rage, she cuts up her mothers clothes. It leads to an argument between mother and daughter. Nadja feels betrayed and abandoned. Wanting to take revenge on her mother, she tries to seduce Michael. But at the last moment, he rejects her impetuous advances.

Nadja realizes that she has gone too far and flees from the apartment, confused and afraid. She eventually finds comfort and understanding from her mother and comes to realize that shes not yet ready for the adult world.