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Suite Habana

Suite Habana

Cuba 2003 80'

Director: Fernando Pérez
Script: Fernando Pérez
Camera: Raúl Perez Ureta
Sound: Jorge Luis Chijona
Editing: Julia Yip
Music: Edesio Alejandro, Ernesto Cisneros


It might take two viewings to grasp fully what Fernando Pérez is doing in SUITE HABANA, an elusive but intermittently beautiful tone poem on film. There is virtually no dialogue. There are no story lines that build to a climax, no documentary-style voice-overs. There are just snippets from a day in Havana, so disjointed and seemingly random that it takes a while to realize that Mr. Pérez is focusing on 10 specific individuals, tracking them through 24 hours in their painfully ordinary lives.