Staatenlos - Klaus Rozsa, Fotograf

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Staatenlos - Klaus Rozsa, Fotograf

CH 2016 96'

Director: Erich Schmid
Script: Erich Schmid
Camera: Ueli Nüesch
Sound: Dieter Meyer, Ruth Schläpfer, Florian Eidenbenz
Editing:: Ruth Schläpfer, Antoine Boissonnas
Music:: André Bellmont, Marcel Vaid
Production:: Ariadnefilm

Erich Schmid 2016 96'

Klaus Rozsa, a well-known and politically active photographer, lived in Zurich for decades as a stateless individual. All of his applications for naturalisation were refused on political grounds. In 1956 he fled Hungary, growing up in Switzerland with a Jewish father who had survived Auschwitz and Dachau. Due to the extreme proximity of such a fate, the camera led him repeatedly to places where injustice was done. It was this particular quality of his camerawork that proved fateful for him.