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Spital in Angst

African rebels attack a hospital in the Swiss capital of Berne and take the former dictator Tarek Benin hostage. He is here awaiting a stomach operation that may save his life. The rebels threaten to delay the operation until the Swiss government agrees to turn over the money which Benin acquired illegally at the expense of the African people while in power, and is now salted away in various Swiss banks. The Swiss authorities, politicians and police have to reach a quick decision – to give into the demands, to negotiate, or to launch an attack – for Benin has only an estimated six hours to live before it becomes too late to operate. Caught in the middle of this conflict is a young doctor, Katrin Staub, whose professional ethics are put to a severe test in discussions with the unpredictable leader of the rebels, General Ben Nagib on the one side, and with her patriarchal superior, Professor Portmann on the other.