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Sonjas Rückkehr

Pass:Sonjas Rückkehr (CH-D)
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540p Schweizerdeutsch ST Deutsch

Pass:Sonjas Rückkehr (E)
540p Schweizerdeutsch ST English

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Tobias Ineichen CH 2006 90'

After many years in jail, Sonia returns to her home village where she takes up her fight for custody of her 8-year-old son Tim. But the village has become enemy territory. Neither the authorities, nor her in-laws, nor Tim's foster parents will ever consider handing over little Tim to Sonia, a purported spouse killer. Sonia is forced to do what she fears most: to go back to that point in her life where the precipitous verdict once tore it apart. She must bring light into her dark past if she is to win back Tim's love. Tobias Ineichen's film is led by Melanie Winiger, one of Switzerland's brightest talents.