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CH 2009 75'

Director: Katharine Dominice
Script: Katharine Dominice
Camera: Laetitia Lesage, Laetitia Lesage, Laetitia Lesage
Sound: Mathilda Angullo, Frédéric Baratte, Aymeric Eustache, Louis Molinas
Editing: Jean Reusser
Production: Les Productions JMH

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ISAN: 0000-0002-5A8D-0000-L-0000-0000-B

Katharine Dominice CH 2009 75'

A day in the life of three convents. From dawn to dusk, the day revolves around services of worship and prayer. Prayer is indeed a powerful experience, but so too is everyday life. Everything has to be organised, work has to be done and feasible solutions found for the well-being of a community fallen victim to the lack of vocations. The role of the mother superior is to remain faithful to the monastic rule of the order, while maintaining the unity of the community and preserving a harmonious balance between the different susceptibilities of the nuns and the concrete reality.