Skinhead Attitude

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ISAN: 0000-0000-CE48-0000-I-0000-0000-K

Skinhead Attitude
CH/D/F 2003 90'

Director: Daniel Schweizer
Script: Daniel Schweizer
Camera: Denis Jutzeler, Daniel Schweizer
Sound: Roberto Ceschi
Editing:: Kathrin Plüss
Music:: Peter Bräker
Production:: Dschoint Ventschr Filmproduktion AG

Daniel Schweizer 2003 90'

SKINHEAD ATTITUDE is the first documentary which outlines the history of forty years of skinhead movement from its extreme left to its extreme right wings. Starting by asking for the most recent development of the movement, the film describes the transformation and radicalisation of this subculture of youth.
From London to Berlin, via Helsingborg, Dallas, Las Vegas to Montréal, skinheads establish themselves as a movement of youth with rebellious, violent, often extremist traits. Skins stir up fears and form the street movement which is feared most. They are used to being objects of the media- but who are they really?

SKINHEAD ATTITUDE is a road movie accompanying Karole, a modern skinhead girl with a traditional and anti-racist attitude. At the age of 22 she discovers her female identity within a male-dominated movement, being skin despite the influential stereotypes and the looks of others. The film is a musical journey which, by following Karole and her companions, draws a portrait of contemporary young skinheads. We meet them continuously on concerts or international assemblies, from France to Britain, from Germany to Scandinavia and, finally, to the United States.

SKINHEAD ATTITUDE offers the key to understanding and discovering a subculture of youth among the more radical and paradox. Descending the outskirts of the world, and being amidst a sharp no future consciousness and a stubbornness to live one's own different nature, to survive and to show consideration of each other, they had traits of the last "working class heroes" for some.