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ISAN: 0000-0002-FD9A-0000-M-0000-0000-8

CH 2011 97'

Director: Thomas Rickenmann
Script: Thomas Rickenmann
Camera: Thomas Rickenmann
Sound: Thomas Rickenmann, Pascal Bernhard
Editing:: Thomas Rickenmann
Production:: ExtraMile Films GmbH, Thomas Rickenmann

Thomas Rickenmann 2011 97'

There is the "Schööne", there is the "Wüeschte". And there is the "Schöö-Wüeschte". They all evoke emotions the likes of which have never been experienced before.
Not least for this reason, New Year's Eve chatter is called the "healthiest fever". And it is precisely this virus that Thomas Rickenmann tells of in his third film after "Schönheiten des Alpsteins" and "Panamericana" in equally impressive images. There is no scene that is not characterised by passion. Rickenmann captures with his camera what has never been seen before. No one knows exactly where the custom comes from. And yet, or precisely because of this, it touches a multitude of people of all ages in Appenzellerland and beyond every year on 31 December and 13 January. "Silversterchlausen" is for all those who want to learn more about the custom, and above all it is a film for those who want to relive the joy of the little things that can grow into something very big.