Shalom Allah

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1080p,720p,540p Français,English,Schweizerdeutsch,Deutsch,العربية (arabic) ST English

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ISAN: 0000-0005-61BD-0000-Z-0000-0000-6

DOK.fest München 2020
Solothurner Filmtage 2020
Locarno Semaine de la critique 2019

Shalom Allah
CH 2019 99'

Director: David Vogel
Script: David Vogel
Camera: Philip Vogt, Julie Fischer, Ramòn Giger, Lionel Rupp, Philipp Künzli, Jan Gassmann, Rodrigo Rezende Moraes, Rainer M. Trinkler
Sound: Reto Stamm, Jacques Kieffer, Mourad Keller, Kurt Human, David Puntener
Editing:: Rainer M. Trinkler, Jann Anderegg
Music:: Balz Bachmann
Production:: Joel Jent, Karin Koch, Dschoint Ventschr

David Vogel 2019 99'

Aïcha, Johan and the Lo Mantos have taken a step in their lives that disturbs many around them. They have made the Muslim profession of faith: "I testify that there is no God but Allah and that Mohammed is his prophet". This is the beginning of their transformation. Aïcha moves from the province to the big city. The Lo Mantos try to assert themselves against the prejudices of their surroundings. And Johan? He wears a beard and flirts with his role as a devout Muslim. Or is filmmaker David Vogel just imagining things? What role does his own Jewish past play? The longer he accompanies his protagonists, the more he feels that he cannot ignore his own biography.