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Shadow Thieves

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ISAN: 0000-0004-83CE-0000-B-0000-0000-4

Shadow Thieves

CH 2018 82'

Director: Felix von Muralt
Script: Felix von Muralt
Camera: Felix von Muralt
Sound: Felix von Muralt, Ramón Orza
Editing:: Simon Gutknecht
Music:: Ramón Orza
Production:: Riniker Communications GmbH, Paul Riniker
With: Thomas Kern, Jean-François Joly, Maurice Weiss, Luca Zanetti, Tomo Muscionico

Felix von Muralt 2018 82'

The film follows five professional photographers in Los Angeles, Latin America, Paris, Berlin and Switzerland in their daily struggle to come by. It shows how digitalization and the internet affects and transforms their work deeply. It talks about the world as much as about the image of that world. It talks about pictures and their meaning and what they trigger in those who watch them.