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Seppels Vermächtnis

Seppels Vermächtnis

CH 2007 53'

Director: Paul Riniker
Script: Paul Riniker
Camera: Michael Spindler
Sound: Dieter Meyer
Editing: Michael Spindler
Production: Riniker Communications GmbH
With: Mathias Gnädinger, Mathias Gnädinger

Note: This DVD does not play well on certain DVD players

Although Josef Gnädinger, aka “Seppel”, experienced considerable success as a painter, he was also much more than an artist. He was also a remarkable person, and those who met him during his lifetime still speak of him today. Seppel was both an outgoing farmer from the rather isolated village of Ramsen and an autodidactic painter, whose works cannot be assigned to a specific style of art. For 17 years he worked as a volunteer at a French missionary station for development aid in the North of Togo. Upon his return to Switzerland, he proceeded to complete a striking series of later works.